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So uniform and regular, the Minho is a whole, where people are bustling with color, from head to toe, embellished with hearts of gold earrings and the lacy ... taste for pilgrimages to the soul of Minho has involved in a fraternal embrace all those who want to feel the taste of life.

Along the beaches or among the maize fields and vineyards (where liquid is also green and tasty) is the freshness that prevails. And in the breezes of the time, the Minho and enriches includes widening horizons and open.

Browse the Minho is to feel the harmony of a concertina to the Galatians evening and the crowing of a cock, the challenge, the morning light.

You feed the body and spirit, around a table filled with delicacies from one wine unique. Reflections of gestures repeated through the ages, men and women who have inherited, in a tradition equal to the very essence of Minho.


Minho is a land, river and sea. Portugal starts here:
And here was born in a crib green.

Minho is still the land of achievements, adventures and pleasures in a eagerness unique characteristic of maintaining a territory always coveted by so many people who, prior to nationality and from various points, here we were installing.

A sign of appetite are the property testimonies we find in each new place. Ahead of them all, the gorgeous castles and fortresses important, face the sea and the countryside.

Built by men, complement the natural defenses of a region surrounded by the blue sea, the mighty rivers and tranquil lakes, towering between accidents: the mountains of Peneda, Soajo and Gerês.

The Minho is prophetic and historical assets.

Under the spirit of persistent feelings of the community here was built a wealth of impressive temples, shrines still translated by monumental frequented and living traditions of its people.

With the action of men, has developed his own way of its natural history, from the hot sun all day and the cool shade of joy to the daily comforts.

Their manor houses, establishing the parallel between natural conditions and the balance of work and the experiences of those who live here.


If Portugal is a rainbow, the Minho is its green belt. On one side the spring tones, remarkably blue, the sea and rivers. On the other, the autumnal hues, the majestic heights, typical houses and granaries hiding. Meeting point between past and future, to an open window where the luxuriant nature fauna (including fisheries and hunting) and flora, a redundancy of unexpected colors, the fate Minho possesses in itself a multifaceted set of characters where life moves forward, between the whisper of the cleanest waters, the whispering of the wind and the crackling of purest generosity of its inhabitants.

Land of adventures and misadventures, the Minho is a paradise in the north end of the country, a slick remarkable parks and reserves.

Who runs the Minho discovers the surprise of the corners, from the viewpoints of sea beaches and inland landscapes always a confluence of ancient and renewed it for the man of today is the big bet of the century. XXI.

In their natural resources, you hear the bubbling waters of miraculous, moving inside the crust to more fertile soils, giving rise to spas in the past and present mark this jaunty piece of Portuguese territory.

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